The world's first tornado alert app that maps you to safety.

Receive an alert when a tornado is on the ground, and you are in its path. A map will safely route you away from the tornado.
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TornadoFree is the first of its kind; its power comes from its simplicity. TornadoFree runs in the background, receiving regular weather updates. If a tornado forms nearby, and you are in its destructive path, TornadoFree immediately alerts you. Simply press “Map Me Out!” and the application maps you to safety. And it’s completely free.

Mobile home park suffers a direct hit!

TornadoFree is the result of an actual F4 tornado touching down in Georgia in January 2017 and destroying a 200+ site Mobile Home Community owned by the inventor.


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Life saving app

TornadoFree is an emergency application. It is for emergency use only and can save your life if you are in the path of a tornado.

Maps you to safety

A map will direct you to a safe location that is out of the tornado's path

Runs in the background

The application does nothing until a tornado is on the ground near your location.

Siren & notification

A loud repeating siren with text alert will warn you when a tornado is approaching.

Built-in timer

Based on the tornado's distance and speed, a timer will reveal how long until it arrives at your location.

Test function

Test the applications functionality at any time to make sure your are protected.

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Do you own or manage a multi-family property?

Help us get the word to your tenants. We will send our TornadoFree flyer to you at no cost. Safeguard your community! Save lives! Protect your tenants!


Home Screen
Text & Audio Alert
Timer & Map Me Out
Map To Safety