The whole story

TornadoFree is the result of an actual F4 tornado touching down in Georgia in January 2017 and destroying a 200+ site Mobile Home Park owned by the inventor. Due to a supernatural sequence of events, the inventor surrounded himself with IT experts that went to work to find a way to map his Mobile Home Park tenants out of the path of future tornados. Due to his experience with mapping technologies along with National Weather Service connections, he envisioned a way to map everyone in the US out of the path of future tornado activity.

The teams at Metova (A National Leader) in Mobile applications, and Baron (A leader in supplying weather data), went to work to develop TornadoFree. The inventor, who lost several people due to that F4 tornado, refused to charge for the TornadoFree app. It is free to download on any smart phone anywhere in the US.

The application is an emergency application. It is for emergency use only and the TornadoFree team will continue to make it more powerful in the future. The download process is simple and is available for IOS or Android devices. No matter who you are or where you are, you should download TornadoFree NOW.